Four Core Fundamentals for Success in the New Year

Achieving success doesn't need to be complicated. There are fundamental principles that align with all peak performers in an agency. Grasping these essentials and consistently prioritizing them will propel you to the summit. Just stay focused on concentrating on these four areas:

1. Strategic Planning for Your Career: A Blueprint for Success

The adage "failing to plan is planning to fail" holds especially true for successful agents, emphasizing the importance of dedicating time to work on your career and business. Schedule dedicated blocks in your calendar daily, monthly, and quarterly to ensure strategic planning becomes a consistent priority. Even amid year-end busyness, take a moment to meticulously plan the next 12 months, addressing your personal sales goals and refining marketing strategies for prospecting and client retention. A clear roadmap significantly enhances the likelihood of reaching your desired destination.

2. Celebrate: Acknowledge Milestones and Team Contributions

Amid the journey to success, celebrating small victories is crucial. Pause when you hit milestones, gather your team – your colleagues, and revel in the achievement. Too often, we overlook opportunities to share the joy of success with those who contributed to it. Whether it's a cake, coffee, or a fun bowling night, make the celebration a memorable event.

3. Customer Service Excellence: Cultivating Raving Fans

In a market inundated with promises of “save 15% or more,” outstanding customer service becomes a differentiator. Forge a connection that extends beyond transactions; clients should feel like valued members of a family. Implement systems that prompt proactive outreach several times a year and add a personal touch by sending birthday or anniversary messages. Keep a record of clients’ goals, passions, struggles, and personal milestones that are easily accessible when they reach out.

4. Stewardship Reviews: Deliver on the Promise to Be Remarkable

The most important customer service tool successful agencies use is the stewardship review. Conducted six months after the inception date of the insurance program, the stewardship review reaffirms that your agency’s insurance and risk management strategies are aligned with those of the client. It is also a time to actively listen to the client speak about future goals, opportunities, and struggles. The stewardship review demonstrates your knowledge of the client’s business and risk issues, and a desire to continue learning more. It gives you the opportunity to reinforce the quality and integrity of your work product to a captive audience:  your client’s executive team. The process is strategic, consultative, and diagnostic. And it reaffirms the importance of your business partnership.

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