Personal Growth & Development

Get Out of Your Own Way to Reach Your Peak

You’re determined to rise from mid-level performance to peak performance.  You’ve analyzed numerous quantifiable metrics and dashboards. You’ve maintained a high level of enthusiasm and energy for your work.

And you’re still stuck on the side of the mountain, wondering how to reach the summit, wondering what the secret ingredient is to achieve peak performance.  Perhaps it’s time to stop and assess:

Am I an obstacle, blocking my own path to the peak?

We must learn how to get out of our own way at times, so that the path before us is clear and open for us to move up and forward.

Monitor the following obstacles to make a clear path to your summit:

  1. Be mindful of a reluctance to delegate. When we are passionately involved in our work, we are sometimes reluctant to share the workload, which can lead to less growth for the business and more stress for you.
  2. Don’t react emotionally. You absolutely love what you do, and it shows. If there is a problem, try to come up with solutions rather than reacting in an emotional way, which may damage relationships with those working around you and impact your ability to move up toward your summit.
  3. Be open to new ideas. There is a talented, hardworking team of individuals surrounding you.  If you are not open to ideas generated by them, you risk creating a stagnant, immobile culture that is bad for your business and for your rise to the summit.  Remember, what got you here is not necessarily what will get you there.
  4. Don’t attempt to be all things to all people:  Instead, bring your Unique Ability to the organization.  Focus your time and energy doing things related to that ability rather than trying to do everything.  You are not and should not be the accountant, salesperson, CEO, HR Director, and Operations Manager all at the same time. 


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