Goal Setting for a Productive and Meaningful Career

Goals are the roadmap for your life. They tell you where you are going and give you a path to get there. They may even warn you of any danger that lies ahead.

Goals are the fuel that powers you to your destination by increasing motivation. In other words, goals matter.

Scott Addis says that he was first introduced to the art of goal setting in the early 1980s while maturing as an account manager at Johnson & Higgins (now Marsh USA) in Philadelphia.  Today, the art of goal-setting continues to give him direction to:

  1. Decide what is important in his life. 
  2. Determine what he wants to achieve.
  3. Separate what is important from what is irrelevant.
  4. Be motivated.
  5. Facilitate his ability to benchmark progress.
  6. Gain self-confidence as his goals become reality.

But goal setting is not just something Scott Addis practices. Many top athletes, entertainers, and highly successful people also attribute their success to goal-setting.  

In fact, there is a substantial body of research that shows that goals are directly connected to success and peak performance. For example, would you exercise more if you set a goal for yourself? Would your book of business grow more if you established a target goal?

The answer to both these questions is a resounding yes! Setting goals can increase your motivation and effort, resulting in increased achievement. 

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