The Secret to Success in Life

Many of us are trapped by an erroneous notion that the secret to success in life is working on our weaknesses.  Focusing on our weaknesses results in failure, guilt, and loss of confidence.  This fills our lives with frustration, wasted potential, and missed opportunity.

Instead, start moving beyond your lack of abilities to focus instead on your strengths and the things you love.  This is an essential ingredient to maximizing your performance.

Dan Sullivan, founder and president of Strategic Coach,  teaches that people spend their lives in one of four zones of activity:

  1. Incompetent Activities:  These are tasks that make you feel frustrated and stressed because you are just not good at them.
  2. Competent Activities:  You are merely adequate at performing these tasks and they create boredom in your life.
  3. Excellent Activities:  You have a superior skill in performing these skills, but you lack a burning passion for these things.
  4. Unique Ability Activities:  Activities that enhance your confidence and create energy as well as enthusiasm.  You never tire of doing them and never stop improving in your performance of them.

Beyond Insurance has learned that if you want to reach peak performance, you have to let go of your weaknesses and move forward with a focus on your Unique Abilities.

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