The Six-Step Plan to Goal Achievement

Building your roadmap to goal achievement is simple, but it takes a commitment or resolution from you to make the following steps a habit:

  1. Every Friday before you leave work, review the upcoming week. Set your goals and priorities for the next week.
  2. At the end of each day, reflect on how the day went, then set your goals, priorities, and actions for the next day. Put them on your calendar.
  3. Review your goals the first thing each morning before you look at your emails or return any phone calls. Say your big-picture goal out loud. Commit to getting it done. Then review your calendar and make sure your goals are listed on it.
  4. Align your daily, weekly, and 90-day goals and actions with your annual and big-picture goals. Break them down into short-term, specific tasks and actions that will ultimately lead to your achievement of your overall goal.
  5. Find a goal commitment partner. This can be a spouse, friend, partner, colleague, or mentor. Share your big-picture goal with them. Research shows that people who write down, then share their goals are 97% more likely to accomplish them than those who do not have any accountability.
  6. Review your progress every 90 days toward your annual goals. Each quarter, ask yourself, what do I need to accomplish over the next 90 days to achieve my annual goals? After you define it, write it down and commit to it. Put the action items on your calendar to ensure you make it happen.

Remember, goal setting should be a stimulating, energizing, and rewarding experience – not one to be ignored or put off.  If you approach goal setting with a random mindset, the impact will be minimal.  It is essential that your goal setting process is strategic.

So, be SMART! Stay focused on the end goal and keep taking steps to achieve it. You’ll be on your way to making big life changes and seeing results in 2023!

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