Three Ways to Increase your Success during the Holiday Season

 “Being a good human being is good business!” – Paul Hawken, Founder, Highwater Research

During the busy last month of the year, business leaders – your clients - are more stressed and impatient than usual.  They are concerned about Covid, back-to-work issues, the Great Recession, and other risks and uncertainties. They are in a rush to finish 2021 successfully and create a plan to jump-start the new year.  This gives you an excellent opportunity to think about how you can help these individuals solve their end-of-year challenges and start the new year with strategy and focus. 

Try these three tips to help your clients de-stress:

1) Gratitude

Show gratitude to your clients, co-workers, centers of influence, and carriers.  Think about their Goals, Passions, and Struggles (GPS) and determine what small gift of gratitude would be most meaningful to them. What little act of kindness can you extend?  By expressing gratitude, your focus will shift from what is lacking in life to the abundance that is already present.

 2) Pay closer attention

Instead of zoning out because of all your own to-do’s during the holiday season, practice active listening when you’re meeting prospects, centers of influence, and especially clients – whether in-person or on Zoom.  You may assume you know them and their GPS well, but when you honestly pay closer attention, you will discover many areas of opportunity.

3) Create better Relational Capital

Your ability to create Relational Capital is a meaningful way for you to distinguish yourself.  There are three essential qualities at work in Relational Capital – credibility, integrity, and authenticity:

  • Credibility is a quality that makes others believe in you, your words, and your actions.  Credibility is the outgrowth of your professional competence. 
  • Integrity is being trustworthy in actions and character.  It is the quality of having honest and truthful motivations. 
  • Authenticity is the quality of being genuine.  It is about being who you are. 

Credibility, integrity, and authenticity make people want to connect with you.  People want to build relationships with those who possess Relational Capital.  Try using these as your yardstick and make a point of connecting in new ways with your prospects, clients, centers of influence, co-workers, and carriers.

When you place Relational Capital into your daily routine this holiday season, you’ll see your business thrive.  Have a memorable holiday giving back and getting re-connected with the people around you!

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