The WHY in the Business of Insurance and Risk Management

What is your cause in the business of insurance and risk management?  What gives you meaning in your work?  What inspires you to act?  What is the reason you get out of bed every morning?

If you think it is centered on the breadth, efficiency, or competitiveness of the insurance transaction, you are short-changing yourself and stripping the motivation you need to move to a higher level of success.

As you know, there is a perception issue in our industry.  The typical consumer does not view the insurance or risk management professional in the same light as the physician, accountant, or attorney.  Our examination of Sinek’s Golden Circle gives us the answer.  As an industry, we are consumed by the WHAT and the HOW.  And we spend countless hours packaging and delivering them.  It is because of WHAT and HOW that we exist.  Right?  Wrong!

Today’s consumers remain bored and uninspired by our deliverables as we communicate and act from the outside in.  Even worse, many express skepticism and cynicism over our efforts.  The time has come to answer the WHY, and live each day from the inside out.  So, where do you being?  It starts by asking yourself, “what is my cause, mission, purpose, and belief?”

To help you, I suggest that you study the definition of four words:  uncertainty, risk, risk management, and insurance.

Uncertainty: The state of being uncertain that causes doubt, apprehension, and fear.

Risk: Someone or something of value that is exposed to danger, harm, or loss.

Risk Management: The process of managing doubt, apprehension, fear, danger, harm, or loss.

Insurance: The transfer of uncertainties and risk to a third party.

whyYour WHY is risk and uncertainties supported by a process to strategically deal with them.  So, what, then, is the insurance transaction?  It is simply WHAT you do…the product, service, or function.  Remember that consumers know WHAT you do and HOW you do it.  Your WHY will separate you from the pack.

As you discover your WHY, you will gain enhanced clarity, purpose, and passion.  And you will notice that your clients, prospects, centers of influence, and colleagues react differently to you.


Why?  Because you are inspiring them.  Start with WHY…your purpose for existence.

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