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The Winning Formula to Success…Happiness, Profitability, and Service

Sam has been onboard with his agency for two years but has had little success. He feels discouraged and is tired of fighting a daily battle in a commoditized, automated, transactional marketplace. He resents calling on prospects and providing quote after quote. Sam is also angry that he has upset the apple cart of his life to pursue a career in the insurance industry. He has lost his ability to act on his ideas, dreams, and greatest goals in life.

Instead, Sam is spending his days in an erratic blur of email, social media, and random drop-by’s in a constant search for the next prospect. Sam is headed toward becoming another statistic in the Great Resignation.

Sam fails to realize that there truly is a better way. A much better way that can help him change his mindset and drastically improve his ability to make massive progress in pretty much every area of his life.

Instead of feeling like Sam, what would it take for you to feel that you’ve won the career lottery, that you’re doing the one thing you love so much it doesn’t feel like work?

Those who jump out of bed each morning, excited to serve their clients, don’t have jobs that turn their passions into commodities. They have a consultative, diagnostic role where they can lose themselves for hours in the flow of meaningful work with their clients. They have discovered the intersection of happiness, profitability, and flow.

The winning formula that they follow is to:

  1. Act as a diagnostic, consultative risk advisor rather than a transactional salesperson. This will make you happy (happiness).
  2. Build deep, long-lasting client relationships with people you enjoy working with. This will increase your book of business and make you financially viable (profitability).
  3. Tap into your authentic emotions and contribute your knowledge to serve your clients’ needs. This will maximize your unique skills so that you grow (service).

In other words:

Happiness + Profitability + Service = Unlimited Success

When you start applying the formula and take immediate action, you can change your world, add tremendous value to your clients’ businesses, and be rewarded for the value you are delivering.

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