Ashley Correll

Chief Operating Officer

As a Chief Operating Officer, Ashley focuses on helping the business divisions within Beyond Insurance execute plans to meet established goals, while remaining nimble to identify and take advantage of new opportunities.  Additionally, she runs the day-to-day business and coordinates logistics, reporting, and financial management. Ashley is a vibrant problem-solver, sounding board, and culture inspirer!

Ashley also serves as Director of Events and Communications for Beyond Insurance, the Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN), and the coordinator of the Certified Risk Architect (CRA) designation.  In these roles, she oversees events for Beyond Insurance, including the curriculum, enrollment, logistics, project management, and performance of the semi-annual BIGN Exchange meetings and the Beyond Insurance workshops, such as Purple Cow Leadership, Mission Possible, Dare to be Different, and The Great Escape.

Ashley serves as the primary point of communication for members of the BIGN. She also handles all partner requests, billing inquiries, and the design and creation of marketing materials and presentations.

Ashley graduated with honors from Cabrini College with a major in English/ Communications and a minor in Marketing. She also holds the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation from the Events Industry Council. The CMP credential is recognized globally as the badge of excellence in the events industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a rigorous exam.

Ashley currently resides in Nashville, TN.

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