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212°: The Extra Degree that Will Change Your Life

As you read this blog, keep the following numbers in mind:

  • Below 32 degrees, water is solid.
  • Above 32 degrees, water is liquid.
  • At 212 degrees, water turns into steam; and
  • Steam powers machines that enhance productivity.

Change in your life is dependent upon the level of heat you choose to apply.

In the book 212°, the Extra Degree, Sam Parker and Mac Anderson convey that your continued application of heat (effort) to whatever activity you undertake will empower you to reap exponential rewards. At 211°, water is simply hot, while at 212°, it boils. In life and work, you are underestimating your true potential without the extra degree. The number 212 serves as a powerful metaphor to guide and shape the way you think, plan, and act.

You grow as a direct result of your habits, and changing habits begins with a pre-determined goal in mind. Often, your effort to change does not reap immediate rewards. It is the consistent application of effort—the extra degree—that takes you out of your comfort zone to achieve extraordinary outcomes. If you remove heat from water, the temperature starts to drop. You have to start over as the momentum is lost. Heat has to be reapplied to get back to the boiling point. The more consistently you apply the heat, the faster you will reach and maintain 212°.

Where to start

To achieve a specific goal, you have to define your 212° outcome. Unlike water, each person has a different boiling point. Visualize what 212° looks like in a specific area of your life, and once you determine what you want to achieve, put it down in writing and revisit it every single day. Assign a deadline(s) as to when you want to reach 212°.

Highly successful people have mastered the art of 212°. While they do not have a thermometer to let them know how close they are to 212°, their mind, body, and spirit sense that a major breakthrough is one step away and will be missed without the one extra degree of effort.

Is achieving 212° easy? No. If it were, everyone would be doing it. It requires commitment, self-reflection, positive attitude, motivation, visualization, perseverance, and goal setting. It begins with making a pact with yourself to achieve what you are capable of. You also must be able to answer the following questions:

  • How is achieving the extra degree going to positively impact my life?
  • What will it take to get to 212°?
  • Am I committed to making the necessary sacrifices to get there?
  • When and how do I begin?

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