3 Tips for Using Surveys to Predict Customer Loyalty

Many companies struggle with getting customers to actually respond to surveys or feedback requests. Getting this information provides insight into how your service impacts your customer and allows you the highly valuable opportunity to make changes if needed to promote customer loyalty.

It’s therefore imperative that you find a way to get that useful feedback.

Let’s look at three key points that are effective in getting that question in front of and answered by your customers successfully:

  1. Brevity—Keep it short and simple, both in terms of the number of questions and the number of characters used to ask your question.
  2. Clarity—Start with the end in mind when composing your question.  What do you want to learn from your customer? Be certain that the question you are asking will actually get to that information and not cause confusion.
  3. Timing—Studies show that most people respond to surveys at the beginning of a new week or over the weekend. Monday is nearly always a winner, perhaps because people aren’t quite ready to get to their real work just yet.

The loyalty effect is proven to be the most impactful strategy to achieve growth and profitability. Customer loyalty. Can you define, measure or manage it? You bet!

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