Ascending: Staying on Track to Move to the Next Level

Ascending is moving or progressing to a higher level.  As you make your way up towards your peak, you may find that at times you are challenged in moving from one level to the next.

When faced with this kind of challenge, you must first determine if the work you are doing reflects your Unique Ability. If it doesn’t, chances are you may temporarily get back on track, but you will soon find yourself stuck again if your path lacks passion and does not capitalize on your strengths.  If you ARE in the best job for you, performing tasks that utilize your strengths, and you normally feel very enthusiastic about the work, you may still find yourself struggling to reach the next level.

To get back on track, consider following some of the advice listed here to push forward and resume your ascension to the summit.

  1. Set goals, big and small, and take steps each day toward achieving them.
  2. Get away from negative influences. The people you spend the most time with may be holding you back. If your social network influences you away from achieving your goals, it’s time to get a new network.
  3. Keep your eye on the prize. Remember the big-ticket items you want, such as an awesome vacation after you land the new client, and don’t let the immediate gratification of hitting the snooze button again take that prize away from you.
  4. Be responsible. Realize that only you can change your course, and don’t allow yourself to blame others or circumstances for your situation.
  5. Don’t settle for “I’ll try.” Remove these words from your vocabulary.  Replace them with “I will,” “I can,” and “I did.” 
  6. Get going. An object in motion tends to stay in motion, so be active, alive, and busy for most of your day and you will naturally move away from the stillness of your present situation.

Have you ever felt stuck while working towards your peak performance?  How did you get yourself back on track?

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