3 Ways to Discredit the Incumbent

In the acquisition of new business, you must flaunt your professional talents and polished demeanor. You should also master the art of subtly introducing tools and tactics that discredit the incumbent and drive the prospect’s emotions.

1. Start with WHY! WHY is your cause, purpose, or beliefs. It is the essence of your professional existence. Your prospects want and need to know WHY. WHY you? Why your organization? Why do you do what you do? It is your values and beliefs, not just the quality of your products, services, and resources, that move people. The incumbent agent or broker is far too busy working on HOW to justify the WHAT. He or she is using tangible features and benefits to build a rational argument for HOW their product, service, or solution fits. This works to your advantage as people notice WHY and are drawn to it.

2. The Agenda. Your agenda offers precision and flow…a guide for meetings. This tool determines the form, structure, and desired outcome of interactions with prospects. It is a statement that you are organized and serious about your game. And, most importantly, it creates a lasting impression. It is a safe bet that the well-intentioned incumbent works without a formal agenda. It is for this reason that there are muddled viewpoints, misunderstood norms, and a finish line that is nowhere to be seen.

3. Relational GPS. Relationships just don’t happen. They evolve over time. Relationships produce bonds and connections that enhance both the prospect’s and your opportunity to succeed. Mutual trust is an outcome of relationships. In the book, Building Relationships that Last, Relational GPS is described as a roadmap to developing outstanding business relationships. GPS stands for:

Goals. Your prospect’s short- and long-term personal and professional objectives.

Passions. Personal and professional causes that your prospect cares so deeply about.

Struggles. Obstacles holding back your prospect from his or her goals and passions.

Relational GPS serves as your navigation device to pass the incumbent and move through the sales cycle successfully.