Delegate: 5 Tips for Letting Others Do Their Best Work

If you want to be a peak performer, you must do work that focuses on your natural advantage and Unique Ability and delegate everything else.

There are people working all around you who possess a mental energy and a type of creativity that differ from your own.  Tap into their strengths through delegation and not only will you increase their performance, you will also avoid draining your own.

Delegation is easier said than done, however. It can be especially difficult for high performers who sometimes prefer to take everything on themselves, even if they find some of the work frustrating or difficult.

Listed below are 5 tips that may help you delegate and improve the performance of everyone on your team, including yourself!

Tip 1:  Get to know those working around you.

It’s imperative that you have a good understanding of the passions, strengths, and interests of those working around you so that when it comes time to delegate, you properly match tasks with those best suited for the job.

Tip 2:  Be clear about expectations.

Expected deliverables, due dates, procedures, formats, etc. should be clearly communicated to individuals from the get-go to avoid any confusion, missed marks, or time losses.

Tip 3:  Allow some flexibility.

Try not to be overly controlling or picky about the process. Each individual will take on a task in a unique way, and you should be flexible about the approach. Remember, your way is not the only way.

Tip 4:  Provide support, especially in new tasks.

Be prepared to answer questions, talk through solutions, and give feedback along the way, which may take time in the beginning. Just remember that in the long run, everyone will benefit with this extra time investment on the front end.

Tip 5:  Give credit where credit is due.

Everyone likes to have their contributions recognized so publicly acknowledge the parts played by each contributor and sing their praises for a job well done. Besides simply being the right thing to do, this will motivate your team as they go into the next project. After all, you didn’t fly solo, so give some props to your crew.

Learning to let go and delegate benefits everyone involved: you, your business, and your team members, who are given the opportunity to do their best work.

What are you going to delegate today? Next week? For always, starting now?