Manager Effectiveness Survey

Today’s top talent is seeking organizations that demonstrate effective leadership, transparent and authentic communication, flexible work arrangements, and a strong organizational culture that prioritizes well-being and inclusivity. As a leader, your organization will thrive when you focus on cultivating people-centered cultures that are healthy, inclusive and grounded in trust and appreciation. Not only will you attract and retain top talent, but you will reap many business benefits by having engaged, innovative, productive, collaborative, and motivated employees. Why? Because your employees will be more passionate about your organization, its purpose, and the role they play in its success. 

This people-centered culture begins by listening to your employees, understanding where their biggest frustrations lie, and aligning on actions to take as a team to elevate the employee experience.

Using the research of The Predictive Index, Beyond Insurance has created a Manager Effectiveness Survey that will empower you to better understand your managerial traits. Please respond to the ten statements below.


Statement Score yourself on a scale of 1 (low) and 10 (high)   
I care about the well-being of my team.  
I recognize the importance of work/life balance.   
I am a good communicator.  
I am honest, transparent, and authentic.   
I attempt to make work fun and rewarding.     
I empower my team and do not micro-manage.   
I am available and am a good active listener.   
I recognize effort and give credit where it is due.   
I see the development of my team as a key priority.   
I have a positive attitude and use it to drive team morale.  



90 and above:  Outstanding. You demonstrate outstanding managerial skills! 

75 to 89: Capable. You possess positive managerial traits yet have room to grow.

60 to 74: Need Improvement. You will benefit from developing managerial traits.

Below 60: Concerning. Your managerial traits need work.