Good vs. Bad Managers

The Predictive Index People Management Study recently asked 5,000 employees to identify the qualities of a bad manager. The following are the top ten traits they identified:

  1. Poor communicator
  2. Plays favorites
  3. Shows little concern for employees’ career and personal development
  4. Badmouths people behind their backs
  5. Isn’t open or interested in feedback
  6. Wants to prove him or herself right
  7. Isn’t self-aware
  8. Betrays trust
  9. Doesn’t listen
  10. Puts his or her needs first

The study then drilled down on the impact of a good vs. bad managers on employee retention.

It uncovered that 63% of those with bad managers are thinking of leaving their company within the next 12 months. For those with good managers, only 27% are considering quitting.

The study also focused on manager burnout – the last act of the stress cycle represented by emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue, and cognitive weariness.  Participants were asked whether their managers seemed burned out.  36% of the respondents felt that their manager seemed burned out. Of those who said that their manager is burned out, 58% are considering quitting.  It is interesting to note that teams are far more likely to feel burned out when their managers do. Of respondents with burned-out managers, 73% also stated that they were burned out compared to just 22% with managers who were not burned out. Left unaddressed, this burnout won't just impede manager effectiveness -- it'll cause employees to quit. If you are a stoic leader who is attempting to push through burnout, you may inadvertently cause irreparable damage to yourself and your team.