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Five Quick Steps Fill Your Customer Pipeline in the New Year

The number one question Beyond Insurance hears is, “How do I fill my prospect pipeline with qualified opportunities?”  Try these five quick steps for the New Year:

  1. Create a powerful, compelling value proposition that clearly states what you do for prospective clients and what makes you different. Offer proof statements of how you helped past clients and include that in your value prop.
  2. Gain more visibility.  Get in front of business leaders as much as possible.  Volunteer in the community for causes that reflect your passions.  Serve on non-profit boards.  Accept speaking engagements. You will meet like-minded people who will turn into centers of influence. 
  3. Set a resolution for what you want in 2022.  Focus on activities that will create success.  For example, commit to strategies such as center-of-influence meetings, asking for referrals from raving-fan clients, attending association/trade shows if you have a niche.  Your activities will lead to results.  Put reminders on your calendar so your resolution will stay at the forefront of your mind.
  4. Visualize your customer experience journey.  How will you engage your prospective client to drive emotion?  What will you be doing differently?  How will you feel once you’ve delivered this experience?  See your pipeline filled with qualified opportunities.  Then “reverse engineer” how you got the new clients and take inspired action to achieve this goal.
  5. Try new social media strategies until you learn what works.  Pay attention to the types of messages your prospects respond to, including the type of language you use. Keep doing what works and feels right for you.

 Happy pipeline building in 2022!

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