Five Ways to Build a Robust Prospect List

Let's dive into the essentials of building a robust prospect list and highlight five key components to keep in mind. Establishing your list is a foundational step, especially as you begin your career in insurance. So, let's address some common questions and considerations to ensure your list-building efforts set you up for success.

Build a Big List: The size of your list is a crucial factor. Aim to build a list of at least 200 prospects within your target market. This initial volume provides a solid foundation for outreach and engagement. Remember, continuous growth is key. Dedicate time to consistently add new prospects to your list, aiming for a range of five to 20 additions per week.

Using Software Tools: In the absence of agency-provided resources, leveraging list-building software becomes essential. During your initial inquiries with potential employers, inquire about the available software tools. Here are a few notable options:

  • Ennabl: Allows you to grow your book with cutting-edge prospecting tools that allow you to analyze your books and quickly search for new opportunities
  • ZoomInfo: Known for its extensive database and particularly useful for accessing cell phone numbers
  • Seamless AI: Offers robust email data and integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn
  • Lucia and Apollo: Additional options worth exploring based on your specific needs and preferences

Selecting the right software tool is crucial for efficiently pulling lists based on criteria such as NAICS code and geographic location.

Key Data Points: When building your list, prioritize essential data points including buyer name, company name, and contact number. These core details lay the groundwork for effective outreach and engagement.

Data Enhancement Services: To optimize your list's accuracy and completeness, consider utilizing third-party services to scrub and enhance your data. Task Minions and similar companies specialize in refining raw lists by identifying decision-makers, providing contact information, and enhancing overall data quality. While these services entail a cost per lead, they offer a cost-effective solution for refining your prospect list.

Incorporating X-Dates: X-Dates, indicating policy expiration dates, are invaluable for timing your outreach effectively. While not all software tools provide X-Dates, services like offer a comprehensive solution for accessing this critical information. Ensure you're consistently adding X-Dates to your prospect list, facilitating timely and targeted outreach efforts.

Remember to maintain a Master Excel list alongside your CRM entries for easy reference and tracking. This tangible resource allows for efficient management and monitoring of your prospecting efforts, providing a tangible roadmap for your outreach activities.

By prioritizing these five components and implementing strategic list-building practices, you'll lay a strong foundation for your insurance career's growth and success