How Effective Are Your Persuasion Skills?

Please answer the following questions and give yourself a score from 1 - 5 (1 being strongly disagree to 5, strongly agree):

  1. I have a strong, optimistic outlook.
  2. People see me as someone who listens to verbal and nonverbal cues.
  3. I look for feedback to adjust style and presentation appropriately.
  4. I have a realistic confidence in my ability to get results.
  5. I have the skills to develop a quick rapport with others.
  6. My influence is based both on who I am and what I do.
  7. Others see me as warm and approachable.
  8. It takes a lot to get me angry or depressed.
  9. I am a self-starter with the initiative to make things happen.
  10. I accept disappointments as learning experiences and quickly bounce back.
  11. I tend to be stress free because I don’t allow myself to worry.
  12. I manage time and priorities to get the most from my resources.
  13. People know that integrity and honesty are important to me.
  14. I enjoy listening to people and connecting emotionally with them.
  15. I find a sense of personal fulfillment in serving others.

Add up your score:

Over 65 is suspect
Either you have a tendency to over-rate yourself or you are a truly gifted at influence and persuasion.

Reflects self-presence and positive influence. Target specific areas to improve.

Is average. There is ample opportunity for growth.

Below 50
Suggests a strong need to improve.

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