How Leaders Instill Accountability Leading to Empowerment

When leaders fail to address performance and behavioral issues, it undermines the entire team, leading to lower quality and weakened organizational cultures. And it sets a dangerous precedent as people start to learn that there are no real consequences for poor behavior or performance.

Astute leaders value the fact that there is nothing more important than instilling a culture of accountability and empowerment in the organization.  That being said, it is a leadership skill that is lacking in so many organizations. Why? Because there is often uncertainty and discomfort about how to address it most effectively. Simply put, there is no playbook or process. The good news is that leaders need only implement a few strategies to elevate accountability leading to empowerment.  Let's see below:

Create a Shared Purpose

Accountability flourishes when there is alignment with a mission, vision, and values. It is a purpose-driven WHY that creates a bond.

Walk the Walk

Employees respond to leaders who lead with actions over words.

Define Results and Set Clear Expectations

Set clear standards, expectations, and targets. When people understand and embrace results, accountability follows.

Continuous Improvement

Welcome helpful ideas, thoughts, and creative means of improvement from all team members.


Team members desire check-ins at regular intervals. Feedback demonstrates value and respect.


Celebrate and recognize improvement and successes...even if small. Personal and team recognition creates goodwill and fuels one's fire.

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