Sales Skills

Your Passion Index

Your passion will have a measurable and sustainable impact on those whom you touch. While it is important that you demonstrate enthusiasm for your corporate culture, it is just as important that you show passion for your products, services, and resources. Consumers take genuine interest in people who demonstrate excitement and enthusiasm about what they deliver. And they make buying decisions based, in large part, on passion.

In The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, John Maxwell highlights these four truths about passion:

  1. Passion is a first step to achievement.
  2. Passion increases willpower.
  3. Passion changes you.
  4. Passion makes the impossible possible.

What is your Passion Index? Think of it as the thermostat that measures the intensity of your emotions. To help you determine your Passion Index, take a minute to agree or disagree with the following three statements:

  1. I cannot sleep because I get so excited about a new business system, strategy, or tool.
  2. I find myself getting excited when I share my unique business model.
  3. My energy is contagious.

If you agreed with all three of these assertions, you have a high Passion Index. Congratulations! If you did not, do not despair. While there is no magic pill for passion, it will be drawn out of you as you dare to be different in developing a vision and setting your goals, as you create your unique value proposition, and as you build your relationship network.


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